Trondheim and more….

I’m back in the land of wifi so am on a bit of a catch up mission.

There’s something about Norway, it’s such a beautiful place and that’s it’s attraction, all the natural beauty. Sure there’s the cities (and they are stunning too), but its the scenery that’s magnificent. And for me, thats such a surprise that I’m enjoying it so much, I can get very blasé about nature, and start craving a city. But here is just so alluring.

But the daylight, wow there is a lot of it. It’s currently 10.30 at night and the sun is just starting to set. Its quite challenging to get used to.

So today we saw Trondheim, very very briefly. And it was a really lovely city. Mum and I ran off through the city, abandoning grandma on the ship. She’s not feeling well actually so rest day for her. Anyways mum and I decided to do our own thing through the city since we had so little time there. So we taxied straight to the famous cathedral in the city. And it was so intricate and detailed. And an interesting combination of stone and timber inside. I’d show you a photo, but none are allowed inside. And of course I obey every singe rule. But here’s the outside.


We saw the old town bridge, an old red timber bridge, Bridgesupposed to bring good fortune when you cross it. I should have done way more times I think, build up some good karma or something.

Mum and I then decided to cheat a little and jump on a hop on hop off bus just to get an idea of the greater city and hear a little of the history. And was quite enlightening. And really funny when the driver decided to drive us directly to our boat terminal instead of the normal stop. And I mean directly to our ship.

Olafoh and does anyone else thing this statue of Olaf Tryggavson (founder of Tronheim) look like he just went to Maccas?  They are beside each other?

That was pretty much it for the day, the rest was a blur of cruising and laundry. And guess which one I’ll talk about..yup, the laundry. It was the funniest thing. I think we made more friends in this adventure (and yes I am calling it an adventure) than in the whole cruise. Everything on this cruise has been in three languages, Norwegian, English and German. And for some reason only half the instructions were in English. So guess! Anyways, one lady is dripping clothes everywhere from cycles not finishing, one lady is burning her clothes in dryers, 2 of the 4 washers are down, and it is a party with the remaining queue. Well since I’ve bored you enough with talk of washing, lets leave it there.



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